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Winters provides outstanding employees with excellent professional development opportunities. These opportunities are offered as promotions within a department as well as throughout our global divisions. There are several promotions within our global divisions that we are very proud of:

    from Buffalo to Houston
    from Shanghai to Calgary
    from Toronto to Dubai
    from Toronto to Houston
    from Toronto to Shanghai

Dharmesh Bhardwaj

Dharmesh Bhardwaj
Dharmesh Bhardwaj, Vice President of Europe, Middle East & Africa Division, located in Dubai UAE

Working at Winters for the last 9 years has been an extremely valuable and rewarding experience.


Winters is a fast moving, growth-oriented environment that provides a huge opportunity to cultivate my professional skills and experience. I have been able to capitalize on the opportunity to develop, from RSM to VP, furthering my knowledge in the industry and in the instrumentation market. The experience of working with such a dynamic team creates an environment that makes me look forward to working at Winters every day.


I am grateful for my experience at Winters and continue to look forward to its support for EMEA growth.

Joe Garland

Joe Garland
Joe Garland, Vice President Vice President Product Solutions & Services, located in Houston Texas

I was employed with Versa Gauge company in Connecticut USA.


In 2000, Winters purchased that company and asked if I would move to Buffalo New York and manage the Versa Division of Winters Instruments. I worked in our Buffalo location for 8 years, responsible for a variety of functions from Operations to Training and many things in between, always a great learning experience and an adventure. In 2008 I was approached again and asked if I would consider moving my family to Houston TX to open Winters' Gulf Coast operations. I must say, my family and I are now truly Texans and have no desire to move back to the colder northern climates.


I would truly say that working at Winters has been a great experience for me. If asked to do it all over again. . . Sure I would.


Winters employees proudly contribute to numerous charities. Some of the charities that employees have supported in the past include:

    The Terry Fox Foundation
    Heart & Stroke Foundation
    Boys & Girls Club of America
    Hope for Children Fund
    Movember Canada

Terry Fox Run Winters Toronto
Terry Fox Run Winters Calgary
Terry Fox Run Winters Houston