Introducing Winters WinSMART™ Family of Smart Transmitters

  winsmart family of transmitters  

Winters WinSMART™ family of pressure, differential and temperature smart transmitters offer a powerful combination of analogue and digital communications.


The LY16 Series offers pressure ratings from compound up to 14,500 psi, with all stainless steel wetted parts with pressure monitoring.


The LY36 Series is the differential transmitter rated from inches of water to 1,450 psi with differential pressure monitoring.


The TY52 Series is the temperature transmitter with a PT100 RTD sensor and an array of stem lengths. Utilized and installed anywhere where temperature measurement is required.


All configurations include 4/20mA, 4/20mA + HART, 1/5VDC or MODBUS communication options; allowing you to connect to any PLC or PAC device.

hart software modbus software


With CSA approval for hazardous locations and Intertek listing for intrinsically safe areas, WinSMART™ has you covered for your arduous process automation requirements.