• Servicing for instrumentation accuracy against certified test gauge
  • Available for all gauges and thermometers
  • Calibration can be certified
  • Register your calibration certificates with Winters to receive an email notification before the certification expires

Dial Changing

  • To replace old or outdated dials
  • Any Winters or non-Winters instrumentation can have dials replaced
  • Custom dials are available – Winters can design dials to your specifications

Fluid Filling / Drying

  • Fluid filled gauges dampen and lessen pointer vibration of gauges
  • Top up fluid in cases where existing fluid has leaked out
  • All fill fluids available
  • Convert to dry gauge if fluid fill is no longer required

G.A.P. Audits

  • A Winters Sales Professional tours a facility documenting instrumentation (Winters and non-Winters)
  • They identify and document working and non-working instrumentation
  • A report is provided identifying instrumentation part numbers and locations and notifying corrective actions required (if any)

Oxygen Cleaning

  • Critical when the instrument is to be used in oxygen service
  • Cleaning of Bourdon tube and gauge socket
  • Oxygen cleaned gauges will be returned in individually sealed bags in marked boxes
  • Available for all instrumentation

Seal Assembly

  • For all types of seals and pressure gauges, switches and transmitters
  • Compatible Winters and non-Winters products are accepted
  • Diaphragm seal filling included in service
  • Calibration is done on all assembled units


  • Full repair for pressure and temperature instruments and diaphragm seals
  • Non-Winters products can also be repaired
  • Recommended when cost savings justify repairing rather than replacing