Collage of our available WINBright colours.


  • High visibility reflective, florescent and glow-in-the-dark dials with larger bolder numbers provide increased readability in installations with poor exposure to light.
  • WinBRIGHT is available on PFP, PFP-ZR, PPC and PPC-ZR gauges.
PFP with a red maxi pointer on it.

Pointers (Red set pointer, Maxi/Mini pointer)

  • Red set pointers allow operators to set a visible target for system operation.
  • Maxi or mini pointers can be installed to measure pressure spikes or losses of pressure.
Collage of flanges and U-clamps.

Flanges and U-Clamps

  • Front flanges, back flanges and u-clamps provide a variety of mounting possibilities for instrumentation.
Liquid-Filled PFP with a tag.


  • Winters can work with engineers to add stainless steel tags to identify instrumentation for large projects.
Close-up photo of an orifice with a restrictor screw.

Restrictor screw

  • Restrictor screws come standard or are an option on many Winters gauges.
  • Restrictor screws reduce the size of the gauge’s orifice protecting it from spikes in pressure.
Rubber boot.

Rubber Boot

  • Protective rubber boots can be added to many pressure gauges.
  • The rubber boot protects gauge cases installed in high traffic areas from knocks.
PPC with a capilary connected to a flanged diaphragm seal.


  • Added to gauges and thermometers allowing them to be installed in applications requiring remote reading.