The Importance of Pressure Measurement in a Sprinkler System

Pressure gauges play an important role in a properly functioning sprinkler system. With a simple visual inspection, the user can determine if the system is fully charged or requires maintenance.

When specifying gauges, it is important to know the application area for which these instruments are to be installed. Winters PFE Series sprinkler gauges, offer two (2) types of pressure ranges. The first for Water lines, able to handle up to 300 psi of pressure and the second for Air lines, able to handle up to 250 psi of pressure


These gauges are further safeguarded through testing agencies, that is, they are FM approved and UL Listed for sprinkler service. The FM standard is 2311 and the UL listing standard is 393. An exhaustive testing protocol is required by both these agencies which ensures that our PFE Series gauges meet all requirements.




As well, we re-enforce the policies of the National Fire Protection Association by adhering to their NFPA 13 (Installation of Sprinkler Systems) and NFPA 25 (Maintenance and Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems) standards and offering a five (5) year warranty.