Winters Tools-To-Go App

Winters Tools-To-Go App


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In pursuit of the company’s goal of making it easy for people to get instrumentation, Winters Instruments has developed the Winters Tools-To-Go App.  The Winters team worked with developers to create an app that combined the company’s most popular tools in a way that makes them more accessible.

The most popular tool on the app is the Application and Product Configurator.  Users looking for pressure gauges, thermometers or instrument valves can start their search by either selecting their application or product preference.  Under “application”, there are many different applications to choose from including boilers, pumps and sprinklers.  In the product section, users can configure pressure gauges, thermometers or instrument valves using a series of dropdown menus.

The configurator then displays the product(s) that meet the user’s specifications.  The more information entered into the configurator, the more precise the results.  Information options include dial size, pressure range, wetted parts, etc.  Once the users find the part they’re looking for, they can choose to view the specifications, email the information to someone or search for a local distributor where they can purchase the product.  The specifications for a specific product also can be found by entering the part number or UPC into the configurator.

Tools-To-Go also includes a UPC scanner that allows for the identification of Winters instrumentation.  In order to make instrumentation more identifiable, Winters includes UPCs on product boxes and on the actual instrumentation.  Scanning a UPC with the app will bring up a part number and specifications.  If the label is damaged, the UPC also can be manually entered into the UPC scanner to retrieve the same information.  The user can then research the information, email it or search for a distributor in the same way as with the configurator.

Winters App

The Competitor Crossover tool is useful for converting competitor instrumentation to the Winters equivalent.  Pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, pressure transmitters and thermometers can be crossed over to the Winters equivalent by selecting the instrument, the competitor and the competitor series from three dropdown menus.  The product can then be further configured in the Product Configurator to narrow down the series to a specific part number.

The final two tools on the app are a Pressure/Temperature Converter and the Winters Catalogue.  The Pressure/Temperature Converter quickly converts pressure into 13 different pressure scales or temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius.  The Winters Catalogue take the user to the Catalogues & Brochures section of the Winters website for convenient access to all Winters product specifications.

Winters continuously strives to make it easy for customers to get instrumentation.  With the design of the Tools-To-Go App, Winters has worked to reduce the turnaround time from identifying instrumentation needs to receiving that instrumentation.