WinAIR Handles The Lowest Of Pressure Ranges

WinAIR Handles The Lowest Of Pressure Ranges


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Measuring differential pressure between two inlet pressures was always problematic. Two pressure gauges were required and their readings then had to be calculated by subtracting the high-side from the low-side. This issue was amplified when the pressure gauges were physically located in different areas of the control cabinet or room or when the requirement was for low-pressure readings, which standard pressure gauges typically are not equipped to handle.

Winters has developed a solution for these issues, the PFD WinAIR Differential Gauge. WinAIR is a diaphragm-actuated, resistance-free pressure gauge that can be used for measuring positive, negative or differential pressure of air and noncorrosive gases.

This product is available in a broad range of pressures from very low “H2O column to 150″ H2O, including a variety of pressure scales (“H2O, mmH2O, psi, Pa and others). With a full-scale 2% accuracy rating, WinAIR performs especially well when installed on industrial filters, ventilation and duct systems, clean rooms, fans and blowers, paint booths, dust collectors and many other applications.

WinAIR’s 4″ dial is easy-to-read at any distance and with the convenience of a lens-accessible re-zero screw, this product is field-calibratable. Its housing is constructed of industrial-grade, die-cast aluminum and is able to withstand operating temperatures up to 150°F (60°C). A variety of accessories are available with WinAIR, including mounting adapters which comes standard with the product.

As with all Winters’ mechanical instruments, Winters warranties WinAIR against manufacturing defects for a full five years.

PFD WinAIR Differential Pressure Gauges